Unstoppable (Downloadable version)

A day in the life of four great adventurers

What was it like to be Amelia Earhart, flying alone over the Atlantic...in a broken plane...through a massive lightning storm?

How did Sacagawea feel when she joined Lewis and Clark’s Corps of Discovery and traveled back to her Shoshone home?

Who did Nellie Bly visit first to prepare for her solo, record-setting, around-the-world race?

Why did Alexandra David-Neel disguise herself as a beggar and hike across uncharted territory to reach Lhasa, the holy capital of Tibet?

Unstoppable lets you join four famous explorers for real-life adventures you won’t forget.

Each story in this biographical collection is designed to give children positive and powerful role models for their lives:

  • Amelia Earhart shows how determination can carry you through difficult and overwhelming situations.
  • Sacagawea shows how to remain optimistic and helpful even when challenges pop up.
  • Nellie Bly’s plucky confidence opens doors and solves problems before they arise.
  • And Alexandra David-Neel’s passion and intuition both enrich and save her life.

All of this through four entertaining stories your children will want to hear again and again. 

Listen to Unstoppable today!


NOTE: This is for the paid, downloadable (mp3) version of the collection. If you want the free, streamable version, click here: https://corastories.com/pages/unstoppable


LENGTH: 70 minutes
AGES: Recommended for ages 7 and up. These true-to-life biographical stories contain life-or-death situations and tense moments that may be too much for very young children.

The Cora Stories promise: Every story we share is family-friendly and kid-tested!

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Category: Ages 7+

Type: Audio

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