Welcome to Cora Stories

Cora Stories creates wholesome, fun-loving and magical audio stories for children. Our goal is to help children -- and parents -- tap into deeper levels of creativity, meaning and experience in their lives. Stories help everyone grow as individuals, family members and citizens.

Our stories can be played in the car, during quiet times, or anytime your child would enjoy a story. Cora Stories are an excellent substitute for screen time, as well as an enjoyable and easy way to add more reading and learning to your children's lives.

Everything at Cora Stories is family-friendly and kid-tested. 

Meet Ryan, your storyteller 

Hi, I'm Ryan Johnson, the storyteller and daydreamer behind Cora Stories. Welcome! And thank you for visiting. 

I've been telling stories my whole life, all the way back to the multi-day adventures I'd whip up for my action figures as a kid. Over the years I added a lot of influences and inspirations, from classic fairy tales and Russian literature to Marvel comics and the quirky humor of Roald Dahl.

Seeing how much my daughter loves stories -- and how helpful they are in her growth and my parenting -- I'm excited to share these stories with you.

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