"Wonder Stories" is now available

by Ryan Johnson June 17, 2018

Very exciting news here at Cora Stories. Our first collection of audio stories for children is now available: Wonder Stories.

Wonder Stories is available now

The brand new collection features five tales about big dreamers finding their way in a big world.

  • "Maria's Magical Dancing Shoes" is about a young girl who loves to dance, but...she's not very good at it. When she meets an encouraging gypsy and receives a mysterious pair of dancing shoes, her luck starts to change. With some funny and unexpected consequences.
  • In "A Cloud's Story", you'll meet Cirrus, a small cloud who explores what it means to be a cloud.
  • The next big dreamer is "Amelia, the Mouse Who Wanted to Fly". Amelia's goal will take some ingenuity and some elbow grease -- and a few failed attempts -- but when Amelia has her mind set, nothing will stand in her way. Not even gravity.
  • "The Donkey and the Falcon" is a short, sweet fable about two animals with different views on work and the good life.
  • And finally, the heroine of "The One-Woman Band" has a joyful song in her heart that she doesn't quite know how to express. When she finally figures out how to do it, she's ready to share it with the entire town.

As always, every story is family-friendly and kid-tested.

The whole collection is 58 minutes long.

This collection was a real joy to create -- and a lot of work goes into it...

I wrote about a dozen different stories and whittled the final collection down to the five best and most "wonder"-full tales. Each story goes through about 4-5 drafts before it's final recording, which takes about an hour or two for every 10 minutes of story. Each line of each story is recorded multiple times to make sure the audio is clear and dynamic. Then each story is saved as an .mp3 file and tested on different players to make sure the listening experience is enjoyable. 

All that good work is done, and Wonder Stories is now available.

You can download your copy of our brand new collection here: Wonder Stories.

Thank you for listening!


Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson


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