Wonder Stories

Behind the Story: "The One-Woman Band"

by Ryan Johnson October 13, 2018

The heroine of this story is a quiet, poor, solitary, hard-working washerwoman. One day, a spark in her heart is lit when she discovers an abandoned accordion. Can she learn how to play her instrument? Will others appreciate her music?

Let me take you behind the story of the funniest story in my collection of audio stories for children: Wonder Stories.

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Behind the Story: "A Cloud's Story"

by Ryan Johnson October 06, 2018

I couldn't release Wonder Stories -- my first collection of children's audio stories -- without including a bonafide bedtime story. 

Let me tell you about the actual bedtime that inspired this fluffy tale...

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Behind the Story: "The Donkey and the Falcon"

by Ryan Johnson September 29, 2018

Hear the story-behind-the-story of my favorite track in my new Wonder Stories collection.

The story is a short, simple fable about a down-to-earth donkey and a high-and-mighty falcon. Both are working animals, but they approach their work with very different attitudes...

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Behind the Story: "Amelia: The Mouse Who Wanted to Fly"

by Ryan Johnson September 18, 2018

Hear the story-behind-the-story of one of the most popular tracks in my new Wonder Stories collection.  

Amelia is a plucky young mouse with a big dream: to fly through the sky. Not easy for a mouse living a humble life on the forest floor. Thankfully, Amelia is equally resourceful, creative and determined.

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