Introducing...The Daily Spark!

by Ryan Johnson November 04, 2018

My goal with Cora Stories is to help children -- and parents -- tap into deeper levels of creativity, meaning and experience in their lives. That's my BIG MISSION.

The main way I do that is via stories, like my Wonder Stories collection. Stories help everyone grow as individuals, family members and citizens. (And I have many more exciting stories on the way.)

But I'm also always on the lookout for other ways to bring creativity, meaning and a richer experience into people's lives.

That's why I'm excited to announce a fun series I've just started...

Introducing...The Daily Spark!

It's a light-hearted, daily prompt you and your children can use as the beginning of a story, an impromptu play, a drawing or more.

Here's an example...

Daily Spark #2 - Cora Stories

And here's another Daily Spark...

Daily Spark #3 - Cora Stories

One more -- these are fun:

Daily Spark #4 - Cora Stories

Each one is a little creative spark designed to get kids curious about what's possible.

Be creative and have fun!

I'm sharing all of these Daily Sparks on the Cora Stories Instagram page.

Follow me on Instagram to get all the Daily Sparks -- plus more news about upcoming Cora Stories.

Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson


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