Behind the Story: "A Cloud's Story"

by Ryan Johnson October 06, 2018

Who wants to hear a bedtime story?

I couldn't release Wonder Stories -- my first collection of children's audio stories -- without including a bonafide bedtime story. 

Today, let me tell you about the actual bedtime that inspired this fluffy tale...

A Cloud's Story - A bedtime story from Cora Stories
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The story follows Cirrus, a brand new cloud, as it discovers the wind, how to rain and begins to explore the world beneath it.

Behind the Story: "A Cloud's Story"

This story was born in Manzanita, Oregon, a tiny beachside community. My family was enjoying a weekend getaway with another family at a cozy Airbnb.

That evening, my daughter and her friend were having their first sleepover and they were quite ramped up after a busy day at the beach. 

I knew a quiet, soothing bedtime story would be in order, but I didn't have one prepared.

That's OK. I closed my eyes, took a couple breaths and waited for inspiration. I saw a small cloud floating over a calm ocean. So I started there.

Most stories have a clear dramatic shape. There's a character with a goal and obstacles in their way. You work through those obstacles and achieve -- or maybe don't achieve -- your goal.

One thing I love about "A Cloud's Story" is that it doesn't follow this formula. It's about curiosity and wonder and being in the moment. Instead of fighting an uphill battle, you get to float along with a cloud.

A nice, calming release before bed. Or anytime you feel like slowing down.

You can listen to "A Cloud's Story" as part of the Wonder Stories collection -- now available from Cora Stories.

Thank you for listening!

Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson


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