Magical Audio Stories for Children

What adventure will you give your child today?

"Don't you know that everyone's got a Fairyland of their own?"

Mary Poppins


"Unstoppable" is now available!

by Ryan Johnson June 09, 2019

I'm thrilled to announce my brand new collection of children's audio stories is finally ready to enjoy! Unstoppable lets you join four famous explorers for real-life adventures you won't forget. 

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Introducing...The Daily Spark!

by Ryan Johnson November 04, 2018

Introducing...The Daily Spark! You and your children can use these fun, daily prompts as the beginning of a story, an impromptu play, a drawing or more.

Each one is a little creative spark designed to get kids curious about what's possible. Be creative and have fun!

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Behind the Story: "The One-Woman Band"

by Ryan Johnson October 13, 2018

The heroine of this story is a quiet, poor, solitary, hard-working washerwoman. One day, a spark in her heart is lit when she discovers an abandoned accordion. Can she learn how to play her instrument? Will others appreciate her music?

Let me take you behind the story of the funniest story in my collection of audio stories for children: Wonder Stories.

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